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A wide range of language courses and highly qualified staff offer classes up to the highest standard adapted to your individual demand.

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Course offers

Besides qualified German courses for foreigners, we offer courses for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and Russian.

All courses are offered on any level and for all purposes (job, studies, job-interviews, etc).
You will find an overview of our course offers below.

  • 10 / 12 / 15 or 20 lessons
  • You have the flexibility to decide when you feel fit and secure in your language
  • Please contact us for an individual offer


  • German for foreigners
    Access to the German language for our worldwide neighbors
  • German for female foreigners
    Only with female teaching staff


  • English-Beginners
    For beginners without prior knowledge
  • Brush Up your English
    (pre-intermediate) Refresh-courses
  • English-Conversation
    Compact courses for holidays and work in foreign countries
  • Business English for secretaries
    Special course offers for office clerks (e.g. telephoning)
  • Commercial Correspondence
    Course for business correspondence
  • Company Courses
    English training for companies


  • Franšais pour DÚbutants
    For beginners without prior knowledge
  • RafraichÝr votre Franšais
  • Conversation en Franšais
    Compact courses
  • Correspondance Commerciale
    Course for business correspondence


Beginners, advanced and Spanish for vocational, business and vacation


Beginners, advanced and Portugese for vocational, business and vacation


Beginners, advanced and Russian for vocational, business and vacation


Beginners and advanced (lessons are held by native speakers)

Offers for companies

Are you looking for language lessons meeting the exact demands of your company staff?

  • Lessons on all levels
  • Individual and group lessons
  • Selection of courses with focus on:
    • Everyday language
    • Conversation
    • Economy
    • Technology
    • Grammer
    • Combined courses (e.g. economic and conversation)
    • Business English and French for apprentices

Special modules

  • Competent attendance at meetings
  • Business English
  • Telephoning
  • Intensive coaching / single tuition
  • In-house training
Of course, you will be professionally advised and your knowledge accordingly classified.

Our way of teaching

  • Demand-oriented and individually adapted to your requirements
  • Focus on active language practising right from the start
  • Success-oriented with roll-plays and practical exercises
  • Flexible times and topics
  • Use of video and audio tools
Enjoy learning and have fun!


You will benefit from language trainers with

  • many years of teaching practice, particularly in SMEs
  • methodological and didactic skills in language training
  • academic qualifications as well as foreign language correspondent and translator education

Other services

Translation of contracts and correspondence

  • German - English
  • English - German
  • German - French
  • French - German
  • Spanish - German


Free trial lessons

We offer free trial lessons to find out your individual language skills and level and propose course books and topics. It also helps us making predictions on the duration of course.
It is obligatory to ask for an appointment (best on the phone)!

We are looking forward to your query!


Meine Sprachenwelt is a Kurier-Card partner. We accept Kurier-Cards of Nordbayerischer Kurier and grant a discount of 4% off for single courses for every new customer owning a Kurier-Card.

About us

The language school Meine Sprachenwelt was founded at Bayreuth on 1st of May in 2005, Bavaria/Germany.
At first our start-up concentrated on English classes for children, but soon we became known ľ even far beyond Bayreuth, and offered classes for adults, too.
Since 2011 we have been using the rooms at L÷he-Haus in Bismarckstrasse 3 at Bayreuth as classrooms (without office).

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Our team

Anne Helfensteller
Anne Helfensteller
Jiayi Chen
Jiayi Chen
Amalia Markoulaki
Amalia Markoulaki
Larissa Mbobda
Larissa Mbobda
Amity Van den Assem
Amity Van den Assem

How to find us



Dr. Anne Helfensteller
Meine Sprachenwelt
Postfach 100814
95408 Bayreuth

E-mail address


09278 770 94 94
Please notice that we do not offer fixed office hours at the moment, therefore, please leave a message on our answering machine providing your name, your phone number, the reason for your call and your availability We will call you back.

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